After an ugly breakup, Kinsey Ellerman moves to Adenridge to make a new start, but it’s not the quaint little town she was promised. Women have been going missing—women who look like Kinsey—and now the police are finding bodies. When a mysterious girl appears in her bedroom, Kinsey has no choice but to investigate.

Now that Officer Nolan Ricks has qualified to be a detective, he’s desperate to work on the case of a lifetime. Adenridge has its very own serial killer, and they’re just getting started. As bodies old and new are uncovered, Ricks will do whatever it takes to stop another woman from getting hurt.


Kinsey Ellerman is a substitute teacher. After one of her students breaks into her house, Kinsey tracks her down, but when questions push the girl away, Kinsey uncovers what could be a disturbing truth about the young girl.

Detective Nolan Ricks digs into the serial killer case and discovers even more victims of the Candle Maker. Then the killer strikes again, this time taking someone close to the detective. Now it’s a race against time to save her.


There’s a serial killer loose in town and women are going missing. When substitute teacher Kinsey’s student disappears, she puts her life and her job on the line to hunt down the teen’s whereabouts. If the Candle Maker has her, it’s only a matter of time before the young girl turns up dead, and Kinsey can’t let that happen.
Detective Nolan Ricks discovers a series of cold cases related to the Candle Maker. If these cases are linked, it means the killer has been active for almost twenty years without anyone connecting his victims. Maybe it’s shoddy police work and maybe someone in the department is hiding something. Either way, Nolan won’t stop until the killer is caught, no matter who gets in his way.


A serial killer is murdering women, and substitute teacher Kinsey is worried a missing young student has become his next victim. People are keeping secrets and she’ll stop at nothing to get answers. Her search could cost her everything, but with a girl’s life on the line, no risk is too great.
Detective Nolan hunts the killer, and new leads are pointing fingers at other officers on the force. But his law enforcement brothers don’t like him poking around in their business. He’ll have to cross the thin blue line to get answers, but the whole department might turn on him for daring to suggest they be held accountable. While they’re distracted, the killer is after a new victim.


When Kinsey learns that her job at the school is coming to an end, new efforts to find answers about Quinn and problems at home have her spinning out of control. But when she has a brush with the law, only Nolan can save her.
After getting a new lead, Nolan has a new suspect on his hands, but when Detective Sonnier disapproves, Chief Holbrook’s intervention costs him his badge. When he finally opens up to Nolan, the truth has dangerous consequences.


With a violent serial killer on the loose, former substitute teacher Kinsey is determined to locate her missing student before the kid winds up like all the other victims. But sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong catches the attention of the killer, and Kinsey could be the next target.
Detective Nolan is reeling from his boss’s suicide, but the man’s deathbed confession shines new light on the investigation. Now it’s a race against time for Nolan to stop the killer before someone else he loves ends up dead.