The pension is earned, and it’s time to retire.

Time to leave the darkness behind and make bribery and corruption a part of the past.

No more trying like hell to keep his nose clean.

Detective Jake Thomas is done.

Or is he?

Moments before he walks out, his chief assigns him one last job.

Just a simple assignment to show his replacement the ropes.

But it’s never that easy.

When one of the city’s prosecutors is brutally killed, followed by the murder of a crooked cop, Jake and the rookie discover a new serial killer is on the rise.

It’s up to them to find the bastard before someone else ends up playing the Hangman’s deadly game.

And the evidence is stacking up—one letter at a time.


With new victims in his sights, the Hangman will stop at nothing to get his revenge, even if it means dragging Detective Jake Thomas down with him.

After making it personal, Jake is even more hellbent on solving the case, even if it means delaying his early retirement.

But when his only informant skips town and Jake finds most of the truth has been buried, not only with missing case files but in his own mind, can he and Detective Jo Calloway unlock the clues they need to bring the Hangman to justice before Chief O’Connor becomes the next victim?


Now that Detective Jake Thomas knows the Hangman’s true identity, he’s on the path to wrapping up the case, but when a revelation about Jo’s family makes waves between them, will they be able to see eye to eye and make it happen, or will the truth put obstacles in their way?

When Kyle Young comes to town with an agenda of his own, it puts him straight in the Hangman’s sights. Will the Hangman’s revenge plot go as planned, or will he find himself with some unhealthy competition?


Now that the Hangman’s list of potentials is dwindling to two names, Detective Jake Thomas realizes that his partner, Detective Jo Callaway is facing a conflict of interest that should take her off the case.

With her father and brother on the chopping block, time is running out for both of them, and Jake knows he’ll have no choice but to help the two men he despises most.

While she fights to stay aboard, Jo will make decisions that shake her faith and test her integrity, but will it help or hinder the Hangman’s mission?

With the duo still searching for the Hangman, Jake will make a move to the Rockford to find Missy, but will his plan work, or will the Hangman find him first?


Just when retired detective Jake Thomas and his ex-partner, Jo Calloway thought they had things figure out, there’s a new killer in town. But this one wants the Hangman to take all the credit for his handiwork.

With Jake back on the scene as an advisor, will his personal connection to the Hangman cloud his judgement? Or will he and Jo find the copycat in time to stop another gruesome crime?


Detected Jake Thomas is on a mission to find Jo’s brother before he can do any more damage. But with the Hangman on the same exact mission, he will stop at nothing to reach the ultimate goal of taking Kyle Young down before Jake can interfere.

With the FBI taking charge of the case, and the loss of his partner, Jake will find the corruption goes much deeper than expected. While he’s trying to play by the book, the Hangman decides to use human bait to lure Kyle where he wants him.

Will Jake use the Hangman to find Kyle, getting both of the men he’s worked so hard to catch, or will the Hangman finish his final game?


Books 1-3