After a terrible car crash, former actress Claire Ford is accused of the worst crime a mother can commit.

She has a history of lying, so no one believes her when she says it was just an accident.

When defense attorney Silas Dalton is forced to defend her, he doesn’t believe her either. But he’ll use every trick in the book to keep her from getting the death penalty.

Hannah Faran is a former PI turned podcaster with a passion for all things true crime and a mission to take down one of the most powerful families in Los Angeles, the Bishops.

They have a history with Claire Ford, and Hannah is convinced they’re hiding something. She’ll have to dig deeper into their dark family secrets, even if she becomes a target too.


After a tragic car accident involving Claire Ford, a washed-up actress, the world wonders what happened to her six-month-old baby. No one believes Ford’s version of events, and she’s being charged with murder.
True crime podcaster Hannah Faran teams up with Ford’s defense attorney to prove nothing is as it seems in this case, but Faran becomes the target of a brutal attack at her home. She’s more determined than ever to help Ford, but searching for the truth has never been more dangerous.


Former actress Claire Ford is accused of an unspeakable crime against her own child, and defense attorney Silas Dalton is scrambling to salvage her case. Claire has a history of lying and Silas is sure she’s not telling him everything, forcing him to seek help from true crime podcaster Hannah Faran.
Hannah is on a personal quest to prove that the father of Claire’s child, Owen Bishop, is a monster, despite his public image as a beloved star. When a girl accuses Owen of sexual assault at his daughter’s vigil, Hannah is determined the new information could lead to the break she needs. But a cornered animal is at its most dangerous, and Owen Bishop will do anything to keep the world from discovering his dark secrets.


When former actress Claire Ford changes her plea to guilty, her defense attorney goes on a mission to make one last effort to save her from a lifetime in prison.
True crime podcaster Hannah Faran is adapting to her new houseguest, Miley, one of Owen Bishop’s victims. Meanwhile, police detective Traeger has questions about her accusations against the powerful Bishop family.
Owen and his fiancee Karissa’s relationship goes to the next level, but their plans to get away are foiled when one of his biggest clients makes him an offer he can’t refuse.


After a tragic accident, washed-up actress Claire Ford is being accused of killing her baby. True crime podcaster Hannah is working with Ford’s attorney to get to the truth, and a new murder case may be connected. If only Hannah can survive long enough to prove it.
Owen Bishop, the father of the missing child, is fighting a war on all fronts, and he’ll have to act fast to save his family fortune. But while he’s distracted, his new fiancée is poking around in his secrets, and what she finds could bring his entire empire down.


Former actress Claire Ford is about to go to prison for killing her child, but with the help of a true crime podcaster, her attorney has discovered Claire’s child might still be alive. 

To save his client, he’ll have to untangle the web of lies before it’s too late.

The father of Claire’s child, Owen Bishop, will do whatever it takes to see Claire suffer, but his fiancée has stumbled onto his dark secret, and the cops are sniffing around. 

He’ll either win it all or lose everything, but Owen Bishop is finally going to end things for good.