Everly is a quiet town that’s never needed a police detective—until now. When the job pops up, Jack Isaac decides it’s time to put big-city policing behind him and go back home for a little peace. Nothing bad ever happens in Everly.

Then the murders start.

Volunteer firefighter Andy Allen has been handling a string of recent fires that seem suspicious. No one wants to believe there’s an arsonist in Everly, but the tranquil town is no longer the safe haven it once was. If they’re not careful, the whole place will burn down, revealing secrets better left buried.


Detective Jack Isaac’s peaceful new job in the quiet town of Everly becomes a nightmare when a young local girl is found murdered.

From the evidence, this is no crime of passion. The killer was cold and cruel, and Jack is worried Everly might have a serial killer in their midst. No one believes him, but he’s racing against the clock to find the monster before he strikes again.

Firefighter Andy Allen knows something isn’t right in Everly. Between the fires and the murder, something sinister is lurking in the shadows—or someone. The only way to fix anything is to take control and bury the pain of his past. But in doing so, will he lose himself completely?


The peaceful little town of Everly is rocked by another murder, and Detective Jack Isaac desperately searches for answers before another woman is brutally slain. The people are screaming for justice, but this small town is full of secrets, and Jack has to navigate through a maze of lies if he wants to prevent another tragedy.

Thrilled with the uproar in town, the killer steps out of the shadows again to claim another victim. She’s a sweet young girl who trusts too easily—the perfect specimen to bring home. If she proves to be the woman he’s looking for, she’ll remain a guest. If not, she’ll end up in the kill room, and the killer will have to start again.


Another woman is missing, and the quaint little town of Everly is peaceful no longer. Detective Jack Isaac finally convinces everyone there’s a serial killer prowling the streets, but the ensuing panic does nothing to help him find the missing substitute teacher. It’s just a matter of time before she ends up like the other victims, and Jack needs to find her before the countdown ends.


The killer loves the dread he’s inspired. Everyone in town scrambles for answers, and it’s all because of him. The sweet little teacher he’s got locked in his kill room is just the cherry on top. She’s almost perfect, but if she can’t be the woman he needs, it might be time to find a new toy.


The quiet town of Everly has a serial killer stalking its streets, and no women are safe. Detective Jack Isaac will put his career and his life on the line to catch the monster, but when the next target is someone Jack cares about, he’ll go through hell and back to save her.


The killer’s sick games are getting worse with every victim, and he’s got something special planned for his newest young lady. She can make all the noise she wants, but her fate is sealed unless Jack can find her in time.


A ruthless serial killer stalks the once peaceful town of Everly, and Detective Jack Isaac is the only one who can stop him. Each grisly clue leads Jack closer to catching the sadistic psychopath, but a cornered animal is at its most dangerous.

The killer is targeting women close to Jack, and no one he loves is safe. With everything on the line, Jack races against the clock to finish this sick game once and for all.