Everything changed the night Jessica disappeared. Lives ruined. Futures destroyed. Hearts shattered.

Ten years have gone by, and Jessica’s best friend, Rowan, is finally getting things back on track. But when a lost child turns up in town, Rowan is certain the kid is connected to the girl who never came home a decade ago.

Rowan seeks help from some old friends, hoping to reopen the investigation into the mysterious disappearance. It’s too bad nobody believes her.


Everything changed the night Jessica disappeared, but her friends haven’t stopped looking for her. When two mysterious children show up ten years later, they seem to be connected to the lost girl. Jessica’s best friend, Rowan, wants to figure out who they are and if they can prove that her friend is still alive.


Officer Tyler comes up with a plan to help her, but it’s risky. He’ll have to put his career on the line but he’ll do anything to erase the mistake he made ten years ago.


Two mysterious children show up in town ten years after a girl goes missing on graduation night. The missing girl’s best friend, Rowan, believes there’s a connection, but the authorities don’t believe her.

Now more strangers are showing up, and Rowan fears the children are in danger. When she discovers the children have been secretly marked, she knows the kids aren’t safe. She’ll have to risk it all to figure out who is after them and why.


When Officer Tyler meets with the children and their counselors, a vicious attack takes them off guard. While one child is taken by three strange men, Tyler finds himself in the crosshairs, and the other child runs for his life.

As the FBI takes over, Tyler’s father is out for revenge. With one of his children returning and a man down, cult leader Alden pushes his lieutenant Benny to investigate how the children escaped, but when past secrets come to light, all bets are off.


After a decade-long search for her missing friend, Rowan finally thinks she knows what happened. Her friend Jessica was taken by the Seekers of Eden, a mysterious group with a walled-off compound out in the middle of nowhere. To get the whole story, she’ll have to get a look at what’s happening, up close and personal.
Rowan has no idea that a man known as the Visionary has set his sights on her. She’s interfered with the Seekers’ business for too long, and the ruthless cult leader is ready to send her a message—walk away or face his wrath.


Rowan’s decade-long search for her missing friend ends up with her being kidnapped and held prisoner by a sadistic cult. Her friends set out to save her, but they can’t do it alone. They’ll have to convince law enforcement to join the fight.

When cult leader Alden Adams orders another deadly attack, it’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose and paradise burns. Will Rowan’s friends breach the walls before her demise, or will an unlikely hero save the day?