After working the past five years as a private investigator, former law enforcement officer, Shae Sawyer gets the call that she’s been waiting for.

Her longtime acquaintance and ex brother in blue, Detective Cam Murphy has a case and a pair of victims unlike anything he’s ever seen.

Despite the horror of seeing a child ripped from his mother’s womb, Shae has seen it before, and knows it can only mean one thing, the Baby Thief is back and on the prowl.

Knowing that pregnant girls with no place to go aren’t safe as long as the killer is still out there, Shae will partner with Cam with hopes that they can solve the case before the Baby Thief chooses another victim.


With a newborn missing and his mother left for dead, Shaelyn Sawyer is more determined to find the Baby Thief than ever. But when Detective Cameron Murphy sides against the victim, sure she’s the only one to blame, Shae will work even harder to prove that Leah is at the heart of the crime.

All she needs is for the girl to wake up and tell her how to find the woman who robbed them both. But will it be that easy?


As new evidence on the Baby Thief emerges with the abandonment of a little girl, Shaelyn, Sawyer gets closer to finding the woman who stole her baby and her life.

While the recovery of Baby Charlie becomes a distraction, will it allow time for the killer to find her next victim, or will help come in the nick of time?


With Cam and Shae just steps behind the killer, Cam makes the decision to involve the media hoping to get information on Leah. But when leads come in, they bring him a little more information than he expected.

Now that Shae’s past is catching up with her, what will it take to keep Cam from throwing her off of the case.

As the body count rises, Leah becomes more desperate, and things grow strained with Gemma at home. Will desperate times call for desperate measures?


As Leah loses her mind, putting Gemma’s life in danger, she sets up her next victim. But when Gemma cries for help, it’s a race against the clock until Leah runs with her again. Will help arrive in time?

With Cam and Shae getting closer to catching their killer, another missing person and an old flame will lead them to the break they’ve been waiting for. But will it be too late?